lincolntower 350

Lincoln Tower Photograph by
Michael E. Scott, Perspective, Inc.


Parking is available on Berry Street at parking meters especially during late afternoon.  A parking garage is available off Clinton St., and  South of Berry St.  The garage is on the right immediately South of the Lincoln Tower.  To get to the parking garage stay in the right (West) lane of Clinton St. and turn right into the garage immediately after the alley on your right which is immediately South of Berry St

Try to park close to the North side of the garage on the 4th floor where there is a walkway to the Lincoln Tower from the parking garage.  Go into the hallway and keep walking until you see the elevators which are in the Lincoln Tower.  You are on the 4th floor of the Lincoln Tower.  Take the elevator up two floors to the 6th floor and you will see our offices at Suite 610.

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